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About Viruthai Vikas School


Founded in 2015,Viruthai Vikas Matriculation School is one of the established and acclaimed schools in Cuddalore,Tamil Nadu. It is managed by the private unaided unit and recognized by the state board. This co-ed school conducts classes from Pre Primary to grade 12

Situated in a serene, peaceful atmosphere Viruthai Vikas offers an ideal ambience for the students to pursue their academic excellence. Our School is located in the heart of the town,Manalur aesthetically designed, adaptive to promote learning and provides a personalized stimulating environment. Our school is furnished with exuberant infrastructure and extensively integrates equipment and facilities like internet, wireless devices and high-quality digital learning resources.


Our school is managed by Pazhamalainathar Educational Trust. Viruthai Vikas Matriculation School is affiliated to the Matriculation Board recognized by Department of School Education Govt of Tamil Nadu.

The students have multiple amenities such as access to smart classrooms well maintained with projector and AV set up, advanced science and computer lab, library, activity zone, playground, dance and music room, auditorium, medical room and much more.

The school is in collaboration with LEAD to render an integrated system of learning. It automates administrative tasks and allows parents to get access to students’ performance reports.

Aim of the School

  • To impart quality education.
  • To develop each student to his / her true potential enhancing their latent and natural talents.
  • To achieve academic excellence.


  • Bring out the best in every child.
  • Learner - centered methodology.
  • Activity oriented curriculum.
  • To offer a challenging and stimulating environment for the all round development of the child.

The school is designed to kindle the urge within a child to learn and know, rather than to impose information or knowledge. Focus is upon inculcating life values and living skills, whilst maintaining academic excellence as per international standards.

Why to choose VIRUTHAI VIKAS?

  • Follows curriculum pattern of MATRIC and English as the medium of instruction in all classes.
  • Development of the total and multi-sided personality of the students is the major objective of the school and ensures learning by doing experiencing through activities.
  • Learning and reinforcement of mathematical concepts through practical demonstrations and introduction of activities and workbooks in other subjects increases the creativity and comprehension level of the students.
  • Technology-Aided learning in all the branches of knowledge thus leisure time of children is ideally utilized.
  • Has a pleasant environment and affords good physical facilities for both academic and co-academic activities.
  • Basic conceptual teaching of JEE/NEET from Class XI onwards.