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Rules & Regulations

  • Bring this book to school everyday. Note in it your homework, your activities and engagements.

  • Come to school at least 10 minutes before commencement.

  • Play and noise are not associated with study. Save it until you are on the playfields.

  • Use your intervals wisely, to drink water, to use the Restrooms and to chat, so that you might concentrate during the class hours.

  • Do not waste drinking water, chalk or paper.

  • Clean and neat clothes cost little. So be clean.

  • If you eat in the school, remember you have to use the same place everyday, so leave it clean. Rubbish bins are provided for litter.

  • Do not splash or sprinkle ink on the floors or furniture. Waste paper and pencil sharpenings must go into the waste paper basket. There is one in every room.

  • Keep your games uniform and school uniform clean and ready so that you can wear them when the need arises.

  • Do not buy any kind of food items from street vendors

  • If you lose or □nd anything, report to teacher at once.

  • Neither a lender nor a borrower be.

  • Amodulated voice is an asset, cultivate it.

  • Inform your class teachers, in case you are not well or injured during school working hours.

  • Parents are advised to attend the Parent Teachers meeting regularly and make use of the opportunity to discuss the development and progress of their wards. They are requested to sign the diary as a proof that they have read them.

  • Parents / Guardian are specially requested to notify the school about any change in their address. Withdrawal of children from classes for mere social functions are discouraged because it breaks the continuity of study which is essential for progress. Parents / Guardians who want to discuss the welfare and progress of their children should meet the Principal. Talking to the teacher in the classes is not permitted.

  • The school would like parents to maintain a close rapport with the Principal and the Teachers.

  • Parents can discuss about their ward's studies and behaviour with the class teacher on school working days Monday & Thursday 11.00 am to 12.30 pm.

  • Parents desirous of speaking to the teachers about the progress of their children are requested to get the due permission from the principal.

  • Parents are requested not to meet student or teacher in the classroom during School hours.

  • All enquiries should be made in the school office during school hours.

  • Parents are requested not to send strangers, (not known to teachers,)to pickup children from the school.

  • The Trustee, the Members of the board and the Principal welcome suggestions from the parents.

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